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Analogue Avengers / Bertrand Russell's Sex De.. - text


Locked in the darkness his purpose is clear
The tape running fast through the gears
Lost and forgotten it's his greatest fear
The lone obsolete engineer is here!

Infernal trappings of long distant age
The Luddites march on in a rage
On through the darkness their purpose is clear
The novice is guiding the seer, it's clear!

Algorithmic memories (fill the air)
Memory cells are coded (sit and stare)
Interfacing clouds (fill the brain)
Grotesque applications (kill the pain)

Programmed children stare at (vacant skies)
Pixilated landscapes (fill their eyes)
Cryptic messages sent out from (magazines)
Range guides soon arrive there (death machines)

Now your fate is resting in his hands
Victim of his vulgar lesson plans
Manumitted of this innocence
To a miracle of circumstance

Lust turns to avarice
Overwhelmed by cowardice
Sophomoric, indiscreet
In a violent trance

Overwhelming as it seems today
Inappropriate but who's to say?
Silent binding of authority
Good intention wrapped in irony

Blustering arrogance
Lost in pomp and circumstance
Guilty in just one glance
Never to be free

Mustering the strength to hold him back
Waiting for misfortune's whip to crack
Worth a lifetime of repressed desire
What you can't have only fans the fire.

Lust turns to avarice
Overwhelmed by cowardice
Sophomoric, indolence
In a violent trance

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Digital Resistance

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