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Love never ever comes if you expect it
Love even dies if you respect it
When you're in a hectic exit hetic exit hetic
But waiting, but waiting, but waiting ,but waiting
But wait!
I can't accept it
Today I spoke to the man of my dreams
Like in fairytales and fantasies
I must be living in the films
I doesn't, it doesn't, it doesn't, doesn't
And then not that it seems
There's gonna be someone who can stay here
But I'm so choosey I'll make it clear
And there's a price that comes along
I'll end up, I'll end up, I'll end up, I'll end up
In this
Saturday alone

Am I looking for love?
Which sex is this
Water so cold
What if it is
It's an affair an affair of my head
Cuz if it is
I found someone who I love next

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