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Love Forever - text


Love forever
Love forever
Lover forever

All this time
I've been wondering
Where he is
I have said to myself
He might have been to wonderland
Cuz I've searched almost everywhere
I hope there's life in my being all the time
Said I cannot sleep at night
I'm on the other from sick
Picturing he will come far way to find me

For a long time
I've been waiting
I haven't seen a sign of him
I had to say to myself
If I was to wait eternally
It would be too much for me to do
But the way I love him so
I know that he don't know
I just can't leave him oh no
Will someone help me find him
Even for a day
I love him so

Forever forever forever
Love love
Oh love love love love
Love forever
Love forever
Love love forever
You've got to love forever

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