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Fade Away - text


He who seeks only vanity
And no love for humanity
Shall fade away
Fade away

The men who checks for only in wealth
And never never force physical health
You gotta fade away

Though some believe in diamond and pearl
And think they should be on top of the world
Shall fade away
Hear what I say

The rich is getting richer everyday
And the little that the poor man got
It shall be taken away

So hear what I say yeah
Hear what I say
It shall be taken away
Hear what I say

The man who worships silver and gold
Shall surely surely surely
Lose his own....soul
And fade away

The one who's always acting smart
But do not carry no love in his heart
Shall fade away

God is here and there
And everywhere
And he knows when you play the game unfair
So beware
Or else you fade away yeah
Or else you fade away

Can't you see you gotta fade away
Ya gotta fade gotta fade gotta fade
Everyday everyday
Everyday is getting nearer and nearer

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