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Now I know my place
I’m ready to be heard
‘cause everybody hurts
I’ve found my own fate
And now I know my place
This cruel, evil crown
Has lost every meaning
Will all be safe then?
Where is the end of the line?
I leave those days behind
I want to fly so high
And break all these chains
And now the cage is empty
I’ve found a new world
I don’t fear seeing
Who I really am
Into the night I fall
Into the night I call
In the night I see
A flashing light that I can reach
How could I leave all my dreams?
With nothing but myself
Waiting for an illusion
Some rest from pain
There is a light in the sky
But someone steal’s it’s rays
I’m ready for this risk
I’ll be back home safe
Waves and winds
Will move my way
I will touch the sun, bright
No shadows, no regrets
In my head!

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