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Through the Looking Glass - text

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Is my reflection true?
I cannot hide these feelings
Break through the other side!
I can see myself
It’s never been so hard
To look into a mirror
This image wants me to face
My weakness
Will I go on with my dream?
When I’m so scared of the answer
My crown fell of my head
Don’t take for granted
My deepest intentions
Can lead to deception
Now I can see who I am
Through this cold looking-glass
Doubt your perceptions
Don’t lose your direction
Wonder why I’ve been so blind
My reflection looks much clearer
I see what’s dark and what’s light
I forgive myself
My heart has some new scars
But the mind is strong and willing
A puzzle I recognize
I’m still myself
The mirror is broken, I know
I need to find my way home
Remember who I am so I can be free

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