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An antichrist agenda
you will mark that day
when you follow the idea of your God
your own God in your own way
When all is finally finished
and truth is finally dead
you will deny
any true form of sovereignty
and follow you instead
Because we know
when love has been extinguished
in the purest form of memory and time
we understand that self-preservation
is the greatest law,
the only law you need to abide
Because it is the highest order
it is the highest order in the new dawn
and it’s the new dawn that we seek
and there is no need,
there will be no need for a savior
because we know that God, truly God,
is for the weak
We all knew this was coming
but we never thought the we'd see,
we finally see,
the final Christian
bound ,
shot on our TV.
As the sun sets
slowly, on this beautiful waking hour
I smile and sigh,
smug and sweetly
because I watch our new government devour,
the beasts devour.
And I watch these believers shrink back
into the shadows where they belong
I watch believers cower,
and I know,
that what looks to be a dark day…
oh it always gets darker
right before the new light comes.
So I say:
”The banner is lifted!”
And I watched the masses adore Him!
And though the vision is distorted,
You can’t quite remember
The New World Order!

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