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The Martyr To End All Martyrs - text

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Here, a
Martyr prayed to the gods of his executioner
As we, like dust, are confined to the fates of our former selves
And I'll watch
As you flaunt your flawed perfections
But there's no need
To mask these perfect flaws
I promise you'll feel at home, so
Follow me to reality
The cough exacerbates
While the hemorrhages subside
We're reaching; We're siezing
It's not pain that breaks me.
Go ahead!
Spill your guts to the mirror, to your reflection.
But there aren't enough organs to your system to lead a double life.
Is this what you wanted?
Meet eyes with destiny.
If you, by chance, take that glance,
Will you like what you see?
Just quench your hate on me.
Cause I've resigned myself to He
And none who love themselves too much to see
They're not the deity they claim to be
I see this premeditated
Not quite enough to be convinced
Still now, He'll bring this to fruition
Still, all too much for coincidence
Somehow I knew it'd come to this
In this state of heightened reflex
To let our lives be lead
To purge this sin from your chest!
I promise you'll feel at home, so
Follow me to reality
It's moments like these...
That break who you were, and shape who you'll be
Just find something greater and cling for dear life
Life is just that, make it count, son!

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