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Heed my warning
Your tired eyes are starting to fail you
No light follows
On a path of descent
For you, there is no rest; no mitigation
Only fear and consequence
You walk a line that divides justice and revenge
Well, pray that justice finds you first
Fear not what you have done
Dread what I've become
Reigning terror down upon countless city streets,
To fulfill the lust of the wretched.
Your only predecessor's shame and the grip of exile tightens.
The shackles of morality dig deep into your wrists
But deeper still into the fabric of humanity.
Now we are empowered and will not succumb to this treachery
The truth reveals, the city is fine
The problem only lives inside of our minds
When you look at who's talking and what they have said,
Its clear your ideals are the ones that are dead
We will cleanse these city streets and wash away
The mistakes of our former brethren,
No longer human, but stricken from this earth
They have given up on themselves
Nothing more than a victim of consequence,
You cower in fear with your face in your hands.

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