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"Behold, the Devil stands before us; but she answers to God this day.
Be not taken by her child-like innocence, it is evil coursing through her unholy veins.
It is for heresy and your sins on this commune that you burn today. (...and for eternity evermore!)
May the Lord have mercy on your soul. (...for we shall have none!)
It is for heresy on this commune that you burn today- speak up!
What does the witch have to say for herself?"
"If today I am to meet my end, then I hope a willing ear you'll lend.
Ask yourselves:
How could I single-handedly accomplish all this treachery?
There's one among us who's not what he claims to be;
He's judge and jury, and orchestrator of this entire conspiracy-"
"Lies, filthy lies! Lucifer's tongue indeed! The prince of deceit you couldn't possibly believe-"
"Yes, I was the one who wrapped children in crimson.
But, he was the one who brought pestilence upon us all.
When his swarms and locusts came, not a single seed was spared.
Even now, the skies now forsake us to dust.
See now, a leader once fearless,
Petrified in silence by his guilt.
The blade honed of all our deception has cut out his tongue,
And left it at the altar of the beast...
(I laugh in the face of damnation,
'Cause what you call Hell, I call home)"
"Behold, the Devil lives within us; in a virtuous mask he doth hide.
If my soul is to be cleansed in flame, I only ask to witness this tempter's demise."
And as the flames grew, so too did the magistrate's scream
The village was lost in a shroud of silence, with nothing left but a conscience to set free.
Some say, an ember scorched the ropes that released her upon the town.
But all we know is 300 souls were fed to the storm of their Pariah's Vow:
She said, "Your God gives blood to drink- Your God gives you blood to drink.
Upon these smoldering ruins, amidst their tortured howls, your God gives blood to drink- your God gives you blood to drink
For every face forgotten, trampled under certainty's need, your God gives blood to drink- your God gives you blood to drink
There is no hope in faith where man's destroyed to be faithful, your God gives blood to drink- your God gives you blood to drink..."

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Pariah's Vow

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