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Destiny Is Met On The Path That Betrays It - text

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A reality was born
Where fates collide
It binds us by its blood,
Forever brothers in arms
The moon is full, the air is cool,
And we press on, as one, to take the world
They said "It is written in the stars"
But we write it day by day
They foretold our bitter end
And that's a chance we'll have to take
Brick by brick, this wall crumbles down
It trembles to the march of a new generation
Brick by brick, this wall crumbles down
It collapses, overthrown; a kingdom's conflagration
Brick by brick
And the ruins that remain will be shaped as our own.
Slashing reality into the throats of the wicked
Your spirit will break, your bones will shatter
And try as you may to consider it yours
The meek shall inherit the Earth
While, the unrighteous shall be buried by it
For, we will take this monstrosity by the sword of truth
The dead cry out for justice
Under 6 feet of dirt, they rot with the worms of this earth
Be welcome as a brother or in our bridges as the mortar....
As the world connects in peace, and hatred's repaid in kind....
We cannot forestall our undoing,
But unity is not beyond reach
With these humble hands
We will pave the way to a future, free from the filth of your unreality

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