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There you are
Cold, dark and balled like my rough drafts
Feeling for walls, I find but pangs of nausea
Followed by a blackout.
Disguised in waxing light, a cold dark killing approaches
I ball myself to a wall; sit shivering as I watch my last breathes escape this body.
This wall of wall—he puts his hand on my shoulder
And in its stigma, I find hope.
You don't know what it's like
Not knowing where you go at night
You don't know how it feels
To be cast asunder
Through 1,000 depths
As the spotlight burns through the sea
Cold, oh so cold.
The miracle on 34th is comin' by way of a bloody syringe
We've got to give him control before it's too late
I swear you're going out of style, baby
Seems cutting throats was just a fad
There's more at stake here than presumption
Or any doubts you've ever had

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