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The winter sun shines upon the path that lies before me
It leads into the forests of the royal domains
The smoldering ruins of the church,
I leave behind as I continue on my journey
Screams that cut through my bones,
I hear coming from the woods nearby
Fear makes my strength disappear
My feet are frozen to the ground
Hear the forest fall silent once the screams faded away
I wonder what has happened over there

Slowly I overcome my fear and once again,
I let myself be led by my curiosity into the forest,
wondering what I'll find this time

'The dark shadows, the sons of the dragon who had killed the saints,
were brutally slaughtered by the wild beasts that inhabit the forest.
Their corpses torn by claws and fangs,
a death so horrid as the one they brought to the king's men two nights before."
A strange feeling of justice enters my mind
as I see the remnants of the dragon's children

The war of the ancients is at its peak
It rages on in all lands, there’s no escape from it
A choice must be made for the ones that wander about
Time passes quickly: soon the war will come to its end
The window of opportunity is getting slim and soon it might be too late

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