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Tamers of the Seas - text


Tamers of the seas, the winds obey our will
Set sail to distant shores, where victory awaits
Where we go all shall fall,
We are the sons of the High King, all bow before us

Our father the King, will surely praise us
for the battles we win in our name

Behold the army of our sworn enemy
how feeble it looks compared to our might
None can stop our onslaught
Not even he whom they call "king"

The world lies at our feet,
we just have to reach out and take it
For we are the sons of the High King,
all bow before us

One by one they fell, the fight was easier
than we thought
There is no limit to our success,
victory will soon be ours

One by one they fell.
The fight was easier than I thought
There is no limit to my success,
now that victory is mine.

Their overconfidence led to their doom
Trying to defeat me without their king
They walked right into my ambush
Unprepared for the slaughter I have wrought

See how the mighty have fallen,
they have all met their doom
those who haven't died will perish
in the labyrinth of my domain.

Splendour of their host,
set sail to distant shores
never to return.
Oh, how we mourn them.

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