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Mortal Serenity - text


The horde of destruction
came riding on the storm
and left my serenity slowly to rot.
This once so bright future
now frozen in pain,
a deep dark sadness solemnly rose.
Paralyzed crawling in
this struggle unseen,
I felt down, exhausted,
and entered a dream.
I awoke and gazed through
the mist and the rain,
a gloomy cold landscape,
the new dwelling for me.
Forgotten dwelling in
this struggle unseen,
a breathless whisper from
out of a dark path in mind.
A veil of cold laughter
now covers this pain,
the black storms returned
and I freely go in.
With this vision of pain,
now I march on to war.
Reality sharpened
and willing to fight.
New strength burns in me,
decided to go.
My fist clenches cold steel,
as we hailed our liege.
Hail! Hail!
Voiceless screaming – sleepless dreaming,
tearless crying – breathless sighing.
“And there in a distance,
in the forest bare and cold, “
the pale beauty strays
to find me nevermore.

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