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They march to ruin, the ground trembles beneath their feet.
Their wrath is upon us for all the wrongs we have done to them.
Woe to our children if we should fall
Who would answer when they call?
Will we hear them before we die?
When we’re cut down, will they cry?
They march to ruin, they've come to set our world aflame.
They'll show no mercy for we've never given them some
Fueled by the hatred of the one they should have scorned,
to slay the ones they once had loved.
Curse the usurper that sent our kin to wreak our doom,
he laughs as they march to ruin.
All we once were will fade away
Nothing will remain to remember us by
They march to ruin, their drums announce our doom.
They march to ruin, the ground trembles beneath our feet

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Where Wandering Shadows and Mists Collide

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