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And now we've gathered
for the battles that lie ahead.
Rumours of war have
reached the borders of our lands.
From the northern lands
our army of the falcon hailed.
We pledged our sword
to our noble King,
to whom our banner we raised
He has amassed a great force
of such vastness
the world has not seen in all times
for a great threat
has come to us,
the black armies of the lord of death.
As we hailed our old brethren
from the western shores,
the eastern horse riders arrived.
But we saw no sign
of our southern kin,
we wondered
if they already died.
All captains have joined
the King in his pavilion
to discuss the war at hand.
The light of early dawn
already broke the night,
when our captain informed us
we were going south.
„Last night a falcon arrived
with a message from the southern army.
It seems their retreat
has been cut off,
they now stand with their
backs against the wall.
If we do not act quickly,
they soon will be defeated,
we must hurry, before it's too late.
If not for them, we would long be dead,
now it's time to
repay our ancestor's debts.“
If only half of the rumours were true,
that would mean we would
be sent to a slaughter.
Although we don't fear death,
we don't want to die in vain.
„We'll face a great host
of enemy soldiers,
but don't despair, my noble men,
for we don't go to war alone.
Our King has a great army
coming from the east,
we'll meet them along the way.“
We've heard of such an army,
but we thought it was
just a phantom story
told by crazed old men
who lost their wits.
But if it's true,
then the victory would be ours
for the taking.
Now we just wonder,
what are we still doing here?

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