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My brother what have you done? Victory was in our grasp.
I can not understand why you have betrayed me.
We were close to our goal. Now it is all but lost.
Don't you understand you gave them what they wanted?
My brother I want to forgive you, but I don't know if I can.
after what you've done to me.
My brother what have I done, to deserve your wrath
My mind cannot grasp what made you turn against me
Have I wronged you in the past or do you hate me just because
I never tried to live up to your expectations?
We believed things differently, but I never saw you as my enemy
What.. . What have I done to become yours?
I thought we both longed for the glory of Asternas restored
but now none of us will live to see that day
I hear them fighting in the streets,
Didn't know our walls were breached.
What... What's happening, why are you standing still?
Are our own men fighting each other?
Why are you still standing here? Run!
Run away before you die with me!
I'll leave this world with just one regret
I never told you how what you meant to me.
Though I die, I hope that fate will be kinder to you,
But I see in your eyes a craving for the throne that should remain forlorn.

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Where Wandering Shadows and Mists Collide

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