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We are besieged by our enemies,
their armies have gathered around us;
a great host of horses,
chariots and men.
We can’t live through
such a vast number.
Will we fall to the
might of our enemies?
We are outnumbered and outclassed.
If we surrender
they might show us mercy.
“And live at the cost of everything? “
No. Surrender is not an option.
Have you not taken heed
to the promises of old?
Have you already forgotten what was told?
Raise your head and look on the mountains.
Those with us are far more
than those against us.
Our King has sent
his best to our aid
so we will not fall to
the might of our enemy.
Don’t you see the
vast army of fiery horses and chariots?
I pray your eyes
will be opened,
so your despair will flee.

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