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My king, hear my plea as I kneel before thee
In the last hour of my watch I have fallen asleep
When darkness came, I did not protect them
When they were struck with panic, I did not admonish them
And when death came, I was too late to save them
Do not hold me accountable for their deaths
Do not forsake me in my darkest hour
For darkness comes to me, rebellion strides with me
And I feel death following me

“Open your eyes and then you will see
that their deaths were merely an illusion”
You must know of what I speak…”
Death is only an illusion!
“…and the wrongs you have done already have been forgiven,
although it saddens me to see you like this…”
I already have been forgiven!

Although my King has shown me mercy,
how come I can't forgive myself?
For the crime I have committed,
I should have been punished by death

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