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Sweet Suffer in Pain - text


Secret dreams about handcuffs and chains
Feel your desire - eager face
Mind is so dirty, but you're 'fraid to express
Daddy's girl lovin' real mess

Playing with fire, playin' dangerous game
You and me now, such a beautiful shame
Look at me now I'm the kind of the world
Wake the devil inside as he wants to behold

And you need to suffer in pain
When you're screamin' my name
When you're creamin' "again"!
Sweet suffer in pain

Pain is real - reason why we met
ou love it hard - be mistreated
Don't stop now, let me finish what we start
Addictiv pain tears your body apart

Can you hear me now?
What I'm tryin' to say?
Feelin' allright
When you're sreamin' my name
Dryin' your tears from my face away
Playin' tonight our naughty game

Text přidala PaulieC

Topless Suicide

Sleazy RoXxX texty

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