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Livin' in the country once boomin' and big
Officials are morons, leader is a dick
Pretend to be royal, gather tons of gold
Discussion is banned just like centuries ago

Sittin' on their asses, they're not aware to spot
Sowing seeds of madness, seeds of bloody lot
Loylty is over - tomr to turn the page
Swarm of angry people goes on the rampage

Nothing's gonna stop them, milions stand and fight
Government's scared shitless - beggin' for their lives
Charismatic leaders - children of the crowd
Promising the future is going to be bright

RIOTS!!! Fire in the streets
RIOTS!!! Bite the hand that feeds

Illusion is over, there's no chance for peace
Neverending chaos - violent anarchy
Ideals of freedom are dying under fire
Old liars are dead, long live the liars!

Nothings's gonna stop them - terror never ends
In the name of freedom executing innocents
Charismatic leaders - now assholes as well
Start the reign of terror - nothing but bloody hell

Text přidala PaulieC

Topless Suicide

Sleazy RoXxX texty

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