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It's more than just a dream
You and me - perfect couple
It seems to be extreme

Out of my heart - to feel your body
Out of my soul - my life is all about
Out of my heart - my soul is bleeding
I'm outta my mind
when I don't hold you in my hands

All day - I dream about you Crystal
All night - with you I cannot sleep
Nowadays - I want to give my life to you
My love will never blow away...

Out of my heart - feel my hearbeat
Out of my soul - hit me to the ground
Out of my heart - take my feelings
Out of soul - stolen, lost and found

You're my source of passion
The meaning of my life
Cure for depression
I'm insane
I knock at the gates of hell

I dwell in the past - star of yesteryear
There's no way out I see it crystal clear
The sky's overcast and you know it's true
It's not about you

It's not about you
It's about me
Just about me
All about me...

Text přidala PaulieC

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