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All I have is a strange feeling
Shot in the back by a good friend
My patience is reachin' the ceiling
Freakin' Bastard

Hold your breath and give ya arse chance
'Cause yourself deserve to be harmed
How'd you like to pick up your teeth
With a broken arm?

Get outta me, outta my life
Your treachery is a sin
My anger is sharp as a knife
I hope your arse is shakin'

Breeze off, bugger off
Stiff it up your ass
Don't you hear? Disappear!
Keep out for ya whole life
Breeze off, bugger off
With ya pretty mess
I don't care who you are
For me you ain't a star

Short time ago I still remember
Brown-nosing me day after day
Now traitor is ya the middle name you...
Bloody Bastard

Hit the gas and fuck off my country
Fuck off my town and fuck off my street
To muzzle you and all your shit...
This is what I need

Text přidala PaulieC

Video přidala PaulieC

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