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The Ballad Of A Ladyman - text


eye cream and thigh cream

how 'bout a get-high cream?
nothing I do smoothes out the feelings
of being used
ballad of a ladyman

freak that i am
live in Japan
we'll rock with the tough girls
in this part of the world
take a photograph
portrait of a ladyman

Are we holding on to our pride a bit too long?
Are we breaking on guitars?
Are we breaking you apart?

they say i've gone too far
with the image i've got and
i know i'd make a mint
with new plastic skin
and a hit on the radio
temptations of a ladyman

i could be demure like girls who are soft
and boys who are fearful of getting an earful
but i gotta rock!
i'd rather be a ladyman

how many times will you decide?
how many lives will you define?
how much control should we give up of our lives?
(you sit at home with an alibi
in case they call and ask you
why all you do is go "oooh, ahh, oooh")
you're out of control but saying
"oooh, aah, oooh, aah, oooh, aah, oooh

are we holding on to our pride a bit too long?
are we breaking on guitars?
are we breaking you apart?

oooh, aah, oooh
ballad of a ladyman

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