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Sat around the bloke's house
He liked me because I made some informed comment about the early history of his fuckin' country
Big mirror
Lumps of drugs
His own private lift
Shit pieces of art
Matter-of-fact statements about how he's pickin' his kids up in
Two hours
As if
You're brave
You're brave
You're brave
Yeah, ain't we all
Chain smoke your fags
I ain't listening to you mate
I ain't listening to fuck all
I just wanked in your toilet
Polish that you connoisseur
I'm a connoisseur
I've conned you sir
Nicked your biscuits
Laughed with your mates
Wanked in the toilet
You fuckin' tit-rifle
Turn this wannabe inner-city angst shit off
You're in the presence of toiletry
From under the rim
Drips the bleach thing
Urghhh, horrible strands of brown waste, bland lace nut top
You're brave
You're brave
You're brave
I'm getting weird looks from his girlfriend, what did she expect?
The parlour's alright, it's a nice city
But I'm tired, I'm wrecked, bored
I've lived ten thousand lives, more than these kids in wonderland
When it turns black, then the realisation will change that party face
You've got to change your friends
Who love you long time like
Chicken mix, large no salad open, times two
I want a place like this, how do I get it?
It's beautiful
It's fuckin' ridiculous
How d'you spell that?
Chumbawamba weren't political
They were just crap
You're brave
You're brave
You're brave
Oh ain't we brave
Oh ain't we brave
Oh ain't we all just pissing in the flames
Oh ain't we all just pissing in the flames
Oh ain't we brave

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