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Crowned & Conquered [feat. Lucas Mann of Ring.. - text


The cold eyes of seething hatred forever control us
Settle in the minds of chaos & immortality

In the dead heads of my pathetic enemies
I'll treat my sword like a trophy
As their bodies fall to knees

Blood will stain like all of the disgust of humanity
Know now that we are mortal flesh

Fear my hate I go to the throne
A throne to be covered in blood
You'll all be sure to watch as I rise
& you all want to kill me
You all want to wear my skin

Open the gates of Hell

Death looks into your eyes

Fear permeates through your bones & they break
By creating this place God made a mistake
There is a war [2x]

You're forgotten so go to paradise to create a Hell
A slave of a God born to destroy
Your perfect God made a fucking mistake
& feel to the depths
So prepare to die
You pieces of shit

Violence for the sake
Of the throne
Let mankind die & be reborn as a beast

We are animals
We give birth to death

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