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Bleed the soul of the earth, your conscience screaming.
Living hundreds of lives exactly like one.
The look is directed to the heavens but it is silent.
Killing hope in you
You are damned!
I am here for what would destroy your stereotype riddled with lies to the bone!
The whole world wants to do so would have killed you, in this world there are no people!
There is no them!
Father take away my ashes to the earth!
After going through the fire,
I will not kill!
Mother come up and give us the light to see the light and see death, to see sin!
Alien wants to ascend to the throne!
Decorate your temple pain, and become us.
There is a war!
Every sixth person on the side of evil!
There is a war for you! 6 6 6!
The time has come, and each will be judged on their business,
And everyone will be on someone else's lie the graves,
And each will be cast as Eve and Adam.
The chaos and false your God!
Now there is no salvation but only the bold will leave
No salvation for those who fear moving
Come pain!
As your god will come to you?
Satan take away! How is your God will come to you?
Your face - Satan!

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