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Every day the same shit, you are just not feeling it
I feel empty and broken inside
What's the point of living like this, nothing more but emptiness
you are leaving with nothing left behind
If I could read between the lines
I'd know where to go, i guess i would not feel so alone!
I know that the time we spend complaining
goes to waste and I'm tired of waiting.
And I know nothing's really over,
but every second i'm just getting older
With every minute of my life I feel more like I'm wasting time
and I'm so angry, I want more, the way it used to be before
We grew up but we're still young, full of hope, we are strong
This is my life I'll make it count!
This is our life so make it count!
Right now! There's nothing in my way
Right now! I've got a choice to make

Text přidala rosieweworth

Video přidala rosieweworth

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