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Decadence - text


what makes us that different?
what makes us who we are?
dividing based on race, faith or anything
that seems to matter in our lives
i track it all back to money
which is a lie

you build a wall,
build a wall again
where we can't just be friends
you break the heart,
break the mind again,
insert financial plans

spare my father and let him go home
to his family,
it's not fair to ruin our lives
don't break people through money,
don't create dreams of happiness,
you've made it fall apart

look at me,
you can't understand me,
that's what you think,
i'm a renegade,
dangerous cuz i was made to take us to the brink,
where you open your eyes for the first time
and let you heart see
seems to have anything in common
but this time i'm not your enemy

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