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Mt. Fuji (acoustic version) - text


Time I need time to forgive
What my pride left behind
But time will never come
Time, I need time to forget what my soul
Can't rewind
But time won't be so long
And I've lost my soul

In the land of blood and fire
In this night of fantasy
Sky is dark the storm is higher it's my destiny
I see something that can scare you
You don't wanna meet his eyes
Walking back the snow surrounds you
Like a sacrifice

Above you, I'm gonna recall my
Childhood clue, so I can survive

Like a God above his reign, he can freeze you
With his face
You are there to play the game
In this shining place
Only men who live with honor,
Agony and ecstasy
Can look at the magic mountain
Where they spread their dreams

I'm down there with my emotions
Just down there to feel like I'm flying

Mountain Fuji is the key to find your heart
Mountain Fuji is a spark beneath the stars
Mountain Fuji is the castle of the dawn
Home for a innocent soul

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