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Time to escape, time to breathe, but to cast a
shadow here, you have come to devour every part
of me. Isolated, oscillating in a universal, constant
stream. You are the voice inside my mind and
behind a hundred violent tendencies.
Come to me. Don’t deny I am your new devil
merge with me. Be as one. I am your new devil.
You pull me eight feet under. The smell of sulfur
is getting stronger. I can feel it in my eyes as the
parody subsides.
The air turned to ash, ash turned to stone, stone
eroded. Lovingly, every eye on me was gone. Shells
made of glass, tokens of love. Memories worth
caring for ; in the end they matter not.
I bend time, always behind. Forever there in the
dark, you hide.
Give in to me, die within us. The world will never
be a better place.

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