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Seek the skin that contains the name. Never revealed.
Spit the maker. Hold the key to change. Be the I in You.

Dig in and stroke the seed of that which you fear. Call it your own and leash the bastard
Cradle all the imperfections you know.
Watch them take control.

Keep the glitch close to your heart and never let them know the answers.
Let this imbalance be your first. Falling through.

Explode inwards and contain the fragments within the mile of skin
You will feel the green move within you
You're marked with the strain of the snake

Spit at the maker. It's a fostered lie. Never fail you own. Prevail.
Let this imbalance will be your first.

To slay. The blindness.
Fall in line.

You will conceive the truth to be the one you could never be.
And you will push the mask away to take the form of the snake.
The breaking of skin will bring the dawn of birth and learning.
And you will shed the form they spat upon the healing.
And you will push away the mask to take the form of the snake.

This beautiful green
Will run through your veins to essence of the soul.
Essence of the soul.
Essence of the soul.

Push. Cesserate. Reign. Snake.
The essence of the soul.
Reign. Snake
To slay the fucking blindness.
Reign. Snake.

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