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Wrong Alright - text


You want it, got a need taking over can't breath.
Every night ghost in your soul. You're needy, knee deep alone.
As you take your aim, you know it's wrong but it makes it alright.

As you drown, love goes down the light in your eye won't stay.
The you now is not you. No life in you day. All numb.

When can we breath again?
When you've had enough?
When will we see the end? Have you had enough?
How can we be the same?
'Cause you can get enough of the love but enough's enough!

Undone, struck dumb. You'll never know there's a better way.
So roll those drums. Know you're over, now it's over.

When you took your aim, you knew it was wrong but it made you feel alright. But we lost again. So wrong, make it right.

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