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Boo hoo,
that's you crying in the night,
and your fists are clenched so tight
keeping secrets.
Screw you,

that's what you would love to say
and you'd kick 'em out the way
but instead you're silent.

But what if for one day
just one time,
maybe you might try,
might try to

scream it,
if something isn't right
tell somebody else
what you fear
what you're feeling.

Scream it
don't keep it to yourself.
All of the rocks you got on your mind,
go to the top and throw them down one by one.

Poor me,
that's you drinking once again,
'cause it helps you to pretend
when you say it's alright.

Save me,
that's you feeling so alone
going through this on your own,
you don't have to.

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Keeping Secrets

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