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The Declaration Of Indifference - text


There's a "Fat Cat" sitting in a Caddilac
Riding ten feet off the floor
Who says "I used to do a little, but I couldn't get enough
And so a little got more and more."
Well I've nothing to show for all these years -
But it still makes me smile
That the ones you always hear the most
Say nothing that's worthwhile.

No gold, no frankincense or myrrh we bring
Just faith and this "burnt offering"
So raise your voice with mine and sing
A hymn to long lost causes.

Pledge allegiance to pretence
The white flag of indifference
You sought a grail forged of fools gold
And on the quest your souls were sold.

Living the life of milk and honey
I bet it tastes real sweet
Now the "chicks" are queueing cus
They all want screwing down on
Institution street.
Does it feel so cool when you act
The fool with "Charlie", "H" and "E"?
Well to my way of thinking there's
A whole lot of nothing where your
Brains should be.

This planet burns and you couldn't really care
That your head (unlike the Earth) is full of air
If there's anybody in there - time has come to face the real world


They're walking tall yet heading nowhere
Shouting loud but saying nothing
So empty-headed, hollow hearted
Tell me how this farce got started

If there's anybody in there - time has come to face the real world.


Text přidal Andrew_Deer

Video přidal Andrew_Deer

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