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Time for Violence - text

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The power burns in me
Violence calls my name
The silence of the planet will soon explode
Into rage
Demons dwell in my soul
Corrupted hatred of a madman out of control
All the violence
All the pain
Slashing violently, blood seeping,
It’s all insane
I can feel the pressure within my life and
It’s calling violently
I’m losing my mind, now taking control
Nobody cares and nobody knows
Who we are and what we do for pleasure
All the violence
All the pain
Gnashing of teeth, slashing of wrists,
Blood shed spilled on the earth
Atomic wars, polluted waste
Virgin women to whores
Cannon fired, panzers roll
The third reich pursued and conquered
Left to die, a burning waste,
Mankind killed and devoured
Severing skulls, rivers of blood,
The violent rage of a man
Gunshots fired once again
To take the power of the land
I’m feeling all alone
Trying to forget all the pain
I know I have no choice in this world
But to take my own life soon
Believing within your soul
And holding onto life
Someone is here inside my mind
I can hear the voices call
All the violence
All the pain
Roaming around in circles in the dark
Hearing the cries of the enemy, I’m alive
I notice the violence I cannot run
I must survive this battle until it’s won
It’s time for violence

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