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Walking through the illusions of my
Thoughts, never realizing the consequences of failure
Always chasing the voices that seem to enter
My mind, haunting me, entrapping my soul
I seek knowledge from the young man who
Lives in the hole in the tree
As I knock on the door, look into the window
And notice that the young man is actually an
Old man with a young mind
He reaches out his hand in friendship and
asks: “Do you seek the old man for knowledge?”
The great art of conversation intrigues my thoughts
He lights a lantern and leads me
Through the forest to an opening in the ground
A golden stairway guides our way
To the center of the earth
The smell of fire and the cold chill of fear takes over my body
I feel lost in the center of my mind, for the
Illusions appear to be a reality, not a dream
I know that I must face the outraged dragon
Who lives inside of my heart…for he must die

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Consequences of Failure


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