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Anthem For A Fallen Star - text

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I never felt like this before
Today's the day that I'm spitting the venom
My mother told me there'd be days like this
but keep an open mind and keep your shit together
Anger control
And I'm living a godamn lie
and now I'm watching the falling stars surrounding me,
surrounding me
Disguise the masquerade
It's not as sacred as it seems
and now I'm watching the falling stars durrounding me,
surrounding me
(Fifteen minutes of fame)
The sky is turning Grey
and the people are still the same
and now I'm watching the falling stars surrounding me
I never felt so disposable
here today and gone tomorrow
One time to get it right son
Make the desicion to sign the deal with the devil
Refust to comply
We choose to do this our own way
and now we're wathcing the falling stars
staring at me, staring at me

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