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We have to understand when we are young
We always have to choose a way
Don't let them do it for you, don't be their puppet
Some people can't think for themselves
Going right, thinking well
Knowing and learning what it's providing
Raise your head and look all around
There's so much to go
Through the longest way
I know that many times you want to leave it
That is when you have to be strong
And know: You have to face it now
And don't get frightened
Don't wait until somebody comes
Everytime you find a brick
Don't let your arms fall down
You will find that the truth is there
Running through
Through the longest way
So at the end, you ll be able to get
Something that will not be stolen from you
Asking yourself if this life makes some sense
I'm afraid you don't know
My advice is to believe
In the earth that gives what is here around
For us all
There is someone who is going to try
To take you with him as a slave
Don't believe lies and don't fall in the claws
Of those who want your life
Cause they can't live by their own

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