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There is no proof that I'm just a failure
And a mistake in the history of
evolution. Maybe every single soul will come to a stage we're
everything just collapses. I live for those moments…
For once in my life, I want to make a change
And be the bad guy for a while.
Cause under my perfect skin I am darkness.
Manuscript I write in blood
From this day I won't give any good.
How did I get here what have I done?
Never knew that something was wrong.
Nobody understands my situatio
And who I am, they will remember
The world has to surrender.
Crush it to the bone! There is a reason why I !
Crush it to the bone!
When my mind starts to spin, I spread my wings and fly away
There are no others ways of getting high the dry way.
I know it all and I can retell how it feels to be alive.
When people’s heads are rolling down the isle.

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