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Life comes and goes quick as does the day
Greed, for those who know, is just a step away
Time's a breathing bomb, going with the flow
Stand atop it all outside the status quo
No see, no speak then know where you're goin'
Drag your feet then nothing you're showin'
Take your place or fall to the lions
Lose your face and stand where you're dying
Living in a hole is taking it's toll
My iron will's in position
Seize, you are not owed, stand or fall
And refuse to be denied
Pride is all in vain without the blood of need
Bones can break in shame from taking charity
Hide from all the hell and wash up with the tide
Wait and you commit psychological suicide
Break the molds of beg and submission
Wake up dead or no one will listen
Holding ground is just the beginning
It's uphill bound and in for the killing
(Repeat chorus)

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