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Beat Yourself Blind - text

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Give me a minute 'cause I'm wrapped in superstition
Pour me a chemical to take away the edge
Don't make up anything that's breaking all your fingers
Just slap around a bit of what it takes to pledge
Carry out another stone as a slave
Ask general-know-it-all ''who's juggling the earth?''
Tease all the natives that will walk across your grave
And shove aside your nation all for what it's worth
Beat yourself blind
Beat yourself blind
Beat yourself blind
An open eye and a closed mind
Look at the suit in suspended animation
A faded outline that used to be a man
A piece of paper that's fallen out a window
Has got a better chance to know where it will land
(Repeat chorus)
To bleed in vain, to bleed in vain--
Under my eyes are painted skies
Down at the boneyard they're diggin' up the relics
Handfuls of parasites thrown into machines
I got the phone call they're tearin' down the mission
The zombies had a ball, but don't know what it means
Beat yourself blind...

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