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Texty písní

texty písní

Skeewiff is one of the many pseudonyms of Pedigree Cuts and Jalapeno records Founders Alex Rizzo & Elliot Ireland.
They released their first E.P. Absent Without Leave in 1998 on Ministry Of Sound’s Breakbeat offshoot FSUK. Major record deals with Universal and then Warner Bros were to follow under the guises Shaft & Da Muttz.
The Skeewiff sound has best been described as “Easy-Break-Funk” or the “love child of music past and present”. Skeewiff albums generally have an abundance of Genre-Clash and interesting blends of styles as titles like “Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom” suggest.
Highlights from a lengthy career include collaborations with Young MC, The Jungle Brothers, Finley Quaye, Alan Hawkshaw and major official remixes of artist like Amy Winehouse, Sugababes, Eminem and Tower of Power.
Skeewiff’s music has been used on adverts for Nike, Volkswagen, Renault and has featured in Hollywood blockbusters such as Killers and The Help. They are the official library remixers of choice, having released remixed albums for KPM, Amphonic & Chapell. They won 2012 Electro Swing Producer of the year… Not to mention the 5 worldwide number ones with Shaft’s Mucho Mambo!
This year has seen Alex busy writing and producing the highly successful Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom with vocalist Rayna MC, whilst Elliot has been in the studio forging a new album for one of their other pseudonyms Ikon, destined for release next year.

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