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I Have A Dream - text


They were like Skate, you was bragging now
I just be laughing
Writing all these bars as the time fucking passing by
They ask why, why you do it? Why you take the chance?
I smiled at em, told em "music is my romance"
And they ain't know it, while I'm cruising in the whip
Only things inside my mind is all this music that I get
That I make, I ain't fake
Imma tell you fucking straight, to the face
I don't like you and it's not a mistake
Been in this game for a minute, but I'm trying to get up in it
Real deep, wanna be the general, no lieutenant
But it's seems the money is what they chasing
And that's okay cause the money is what I'm making
But it ain't all about the paper chase, take a second
Fold your hands, sit down and say your grace
Look, I try to tell them through my rhyme
I ain't settling for nothing less, the greatest of my time

Now listen to em sing
I try to tell you what I mean
Like Martin Luther King
Everybody's got a dream

I was established in 1995, until the day I die
I will continue to make this music and get hella fried
Ain't nobody changing, changing from the payment
Changing from all these people that try and call me famous
Man, ain't nobody famous
I'm just another individual that's contagious
Nah I ain't the greatest, never saying I'm courageous
But this beat is so outrageous and we steady hitting phases
Flipping pages, getting faded and we always hella hated
Cause why?
We takin' trips out in Houstalantavegas
Ha, the boy spittin' again
And I seen him on the dance floor getting it in
So put your hands in the sky, if you wanna make a change
Flip the birds to the ones that ain't supporting your dream
Look, I try to tell you the truth
Cause these haters don't know half the shit I do in the booth

Now listen to em sing
I try to tell you what I mean
Like Martin Luther King
Everybody's got a dream [x2]

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