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Drugs, Money, Sex - text


It's all about the drugs and the money.
The drugs, money and sex.

No shame in my game, I love to get high,
doing blow, blinded by snow, still reaching for the sky.
XTC and weed is all that I need. I know it makes me insane.
Yeah I chill down town, but I ain't down with sticking needles in my veins.

Check this out, money talks, bullshit walks, it's all about that green.
Gotta get paid, keep foes afraid, gotta get the cream.
So look and listen, watch my diamond glisten, can't let them scheme,
dealing coke, can't be broke. It's the american dream.

Here's a verse, I don't need to rehearse, let's talk about sex,
everyone knows from coast to coast, that Ezecs the best.
Don't be a tease, just get on your knees. Time to go down low.
White, Spanish or black, as long as you got back, I'll be your Papi Chulo

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