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Sidewinder you spin me round
Break my stride and leave me without sound
All I wanna do is give up hope,
put away this fucked up throat, I feel I've lost my way
I will not be defined I will not be confined
I won't let you get to me

You get to me

Life like this will breed insecurity
Were breeding insecurity
Read the news to quench curiosity
Here comes your next big story
Called the Doc he said find your inner Chi
You got a real bad energy
Sold my soul and bought Scientology
We're all a little c-c- crazy

Sidewinder you burn me down,
I stole your pride and ran you outta town
If I ever get big I'll choke,
better off like common folk,
I'll blend in I won't show
Now I can't be controlled,
I will never be sold I won't let you get to me

You get to me

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Those F'n B Sides (EP)

Six Side Die texty

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