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Cant get enough - text


Well, hey girl walk my way
It's no lie when you here me say, you'll feel
Alright! All night!

Street walkin' gypsy, the smile on your lips
You got me going crazy when you shake those hips
All day! Okey!

I'm rollin' the dice, I ain't born to loose
I'm playin' to win, honey your my abuse

Whoo oohh.. I can't get enough!
Love can be tough but we'll work it out
Whoo oh oh.. I can't get enough

Down in the city and lookin' for thrills
Good girls, bad girls, I'll take them for free
All night! Alright!

A bottle of whiskey is not what I need
I need something else to feed my greed
Oohh no! Whoo oh!

Hey, hey lady.. Such a bitter sweet
Step by step, one by one, when you wake up i'll be gone!




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