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SirensCeol - Nightmare (feat. Sean Dee) - text


Time and time again I tell myself that you no good
Bad for my health and I can't help myself it's understood
Poison but I love it
Kill me softly with these lips I'm touchin
Lust n loving nothin but disgust from knowing its
Temporary something's gotta give
Let me go or let me live
Holding on to what I thought I knew but know I ain't know it's
Time I notice and just wake up from this dream
Or just go deeper
Reality ain't really what it seems

Here we go again
It seems like nothing's changed
Except for you
And you know me I've always been the same
I'm done playing your games
This time it's over
Hit reset but why can't I seem to put down the controller your
Everything I hate
The reason I hate to love
Still love the way you lie
Truth I can't get enough
So let me dream fast Asleep
Though it ain't quite fare
Rather be lost in this thing I'm callin a nightmare

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