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It's taken years for us to come this far.
We never stopped believing, nothing could tear us apart.
Always there standing right next to me,
showing your allegiance, proving your loyalty.
This is the path that we chose.
It's all that we have, it's all that we know.
This is the path that we chose.
Nothing worth having comes easy, but we never lost hope.
You are my heart, you are my home.
Side by side, never standing alone.
This is the story of the underdogs
who wouldn't stay down when they doubted us.
Overlooked, pushed aside, counted out.
Took their negativity and turned it around.
We are the makers of our destiny,
we are the masters of our fate.
We are the makers of our destiny,
we'll do whatever it takes.
Brothers in arms we will always be.
Together we fight, together we bleed.

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